Aaaarrgghh Spider!




We have enjoyed reading the story ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider’ we discussed what we thought might happen next in the story, here are our of the fabulous ideas…

Harry – ‘They are going to get mad. The webs are on the chair.’

Jenson – ‘They are going to kill spiders because they made a mess.’

James – ‘They’re going to throw them away down the drain.’

Sydney – ‘They will chuck them outside.’

Kieron – ‘Lock them in the car so they couldn’t get out.’

Jake – ‘Put them in the toilet and in the shower.’

Alexi – ‘Shoot them!’

Bruno – ‘Flush the spiders in the toilet.’

Luca – ‘Kill them, throw them down the pipe.’

Summer – ‘Get the spiders and webs and put them down the toilet.’

Elsie – ‘Put them down the drain.’

Antoni – ‘Kill them, flush them down the toilet.’

Georgia – ‘Chuck them outside.’

Leigha – ‘Flush the spiders and webs away.’

Ellie – ‘Chuck them outside, feed them to a giraffe or close them in a book.’

Peyton – ‘Flush the spiders down the drain.’

Ethan – ‘Chuck them out, feed them to a polar bear from the Winter.’

Layla – ‘Put them in a bucket, throw them outside.’

Igor – ‘Make a trap, a big web to catch the spiders.’

Noah – ‘Throw them outside, make a ‘net trap’ so that the spiders can’t get out, break the webs with sticks.’

Ruby – ‘Get a snake to eat the spiders from a plate then get the snake out.’

Riley – ‘Throw the webs outside.’

Elle -‘Get a bowl, take the spiders outside.’

Phoebe – ‘Put the spiders in a bowl, put them into the toilet and flush them away.’

Ruby – ‘Get a snake to eat the spiders.’

Henry – ‘Brush the webs away, flush them down the drain.’

Sophie – ‘Get a chimp to eat the spiders.’

Carley – ‘Put the oven on and boil them.’

Rebecca – ‘Take them to a zoo to be munched up!’





Talking Tuesday Feedback

Our Talking Tuesday sessions have been running for 11 weeks and during thus time families have had the opportunity to:

Have a nosey around our classroom, look at our literacy books, look at our maths books, look at our learning journey books, look at our phonics work, play phonics games, read a story, play maths games and look at photograph slideshows.

Blossom Class Manifesto…

This morning we have talked about what it means when people vote and decided to think about our own Manifesto, We wonder how many people would vote for our values…

Rebecca – Help people if they are upset.

Carley – Children to have lots of sweeties.

Sophie – Let children eat chocolate in the car and let them sit in the front seat.

Henry – Let grown ups eat sweeties.

James – No answering back, no smacking, hitting or fighting.

Archie – Let people go on holidays.

Noah – Put some castles in our country and let people go there for free.

Layla – Make sure babies are kept safe by looking after them.

Phoebe – Not throwing stones at peoples cars or they would go to jail.

Elle – Let kids rule the world!

Ethan – Make sure there are some new houses for people.

Igor – Keep animals safe.

Riley – Keep pigs safe because they give us food.

Summer – If I was an adult I would look after the children, I would feed them and put them to bed.

Georgia – I would make sure people had houses to live in.

Elsie – No hurting or punching.

Peyton – No pushing.

Antoni -No hurting.

Ellie – No pushing in lines.

Harry – Shoot the baddies.

Jenson – No kicking or punching.

Kieron – If people fall over you help them.

Jake – No hurting.

Alexi – No shooting anybody.

Bruno – Be kind.

Luca – Stay safe and be kind.

Graphic Designer

This week we are learning about the job that a Graphic Designer does, we thought of some questions that we might ask if we met someone who does this job…

Layla – “Where does your equipment come from?”

Ellie – “How do you make pictures on magazines, I like magazines.”

Noah – “What designs have you made?”

James – “Where do the pictures come from?”

Sophie – “How are the big pictures put on houses?”

Ethan – “What equipment do you use to make the pictures?”

Igor – “Have you done any famous things?”

Riley – “How many pictures have you got?”

Luca – “How do you make the colours?”

Jenson – “How do you put the pictures onto things?”

Build and Blog

This morning we have been enjoying building different things with our construction equipment. Our challenge was to write a set of instructions to explain how we made our models…

Kente Patterns

As part of our Art Around the World day we looked at Kente which are usually pieces of cloth that are woven together to create traditional African patterns. We made our own patterns using strips of paper. After we had a discussion to assess what we had done…

What we like about it…

Luca – It looks good, all the pictures together.

Peyton & Alexi  – I like the colours.

Jake – I like the blue and yellow patterns.

Sydney & Harry – I like the blue and red colours.

Ellie – I like the shapes , they all look good and beautiful.

Antoni – I like that one, it’s got my favourite colours.

Kieron – I like the yellow and orange, they look good together.

Georgia – I like my own.

Archie – I like my own, it has pink and purple.

Summer – I like my own it looks beautiful with the colours.

Jenson – I like the amazing colours.

Bruno – I like all the colours.


What would make our artwork even better?

Ethan – Add more shapes to it.

James – Put more colours on it like gold, brown and green.

Layla – Add more strips to fill in the spaces.

Igor – Add more colours.

Riley – Have more than 7 colours.

Elle – Make our art even bigger.

Phoebe – Add more patterns.

Noah – Make our patterns straighter.

Ruby – Add more colours.

Henry – Add more strips to cover the paper.

Sophie – To make it even better put it on some coloured card.

Carley – Put some glitter on it.

Rebecca – Put some strips on it, fill the gaps, when you’ve done look at it and say it’s so pretty!



Our School…


As part of our construction topic we have been thinking about our school, we have looked at the plans for the new building and talked about the existing building. We watched some clips that show people the kinds of things we do at Norbridge and talked about the things we like doing. Here are our ideas…

Luca, Jenson, Noah and Bruno – “I like building in our construction area.”

Peyton – “I like reading stories.”

Alexi – “I liked learning about farms.”

Leigha and Sydney – “I like playing in the big playground at lunchtime.”

Elsie – “I like dressing up.”

Harry – “I like dinner.”

Kieron, Summer and Sophie – “I am looking forward to playing the guitar.”

Ellie – “I am looking forward to doing Karate.”

Antoni – “I like working on the i-pads.”

Georgia – “I like writing.”

Archie – “I like playing in the Chatterbox.”

James – “I like the role play, especially the building area.”

Ruby – “I like our learning time.”

Riley – “I like playing with the building things.”

Igor, Ruby and Layla  – “I like playing Superheroes.”

Rebecca – “I like doing Phonics.”

Carley – “I like learning.”

Henry – “I like playing in the role play.”

Phoebe – “I like playing Mum’s and Dad’s.”

Elle – “I like sitting in line 4.”





Our topic this term is linked to ‘Construction’ we asked our children what they would like to learn about. Here are some of their ideas…

Luca – “How do you build a house?”

Alexi – “How can you build a rocket?”

Leigha – ” How do you build a tower?”

Sydney – “How do you build a house?”

Elsie – “What vehicles are on a building site?”

Harry – “Find out about our new school.”

Kieron – “How do bricks stick together?”

Ellie – “How can you draw a tractor?”

Layla – “I want to learn about our construction area.”

Igor – “How do you build a sky tower?”

Antoni – “How can a robot build things?”

Georgia – “How do you make wood?”

Archie – “How can you make a Paw Patrol house?”

Jenson – “How can you build a house?”

Bruno – “I want to know about building a house.”

James – “What do you do with a crane?”

Ruby – “How do you build a car?”

Riley – “How can you build a race track?”

Peyton – “How can you build a castle?”

Rebecca – “How can you draw a tractor?”

Elle – “How do you build a house?”

Phoebe – “How can you build a stable?”

Noah – “How do they paint the yellow lines on the road?”

Ruby – “How can you build a castle?”

Henry – “How are toys built?”

Sophie – “How do they knock houses down?”

Carley – “How do you build a robot spider?”


This morning we listened to the story of ‘Supertato’ we talked with our Learning Neighbours about our favourite character in the story…

Here are some of the children’s suggestions…

Noah – “Marrow (Pickle)  was my favourite because he helped the other vegetables.

Layla – “Supertato was my favourite, he tried to save everyone.”

Georgia – “Carrot was the best, he got rolled up in toilet roll.”

Ethan – “The Lollies were my favourite, they melted, it was funny.”

Ruby C – “The Peas were my favourite, they were bad  (said Ruby giggling).

Henry – “The peas were my favourite, they were very clever.”

Kieron – “Supertato  trapped the Peas, What are you going to do? he said to them.”

Archie – “Supertato made me laugh.”

Antoni – “Tomato, he was the best one.”

James – ” Tomato was my favourite, he trapped them in the Pea Party.”

Jenson – ” The Peas were my favourite, they were naughty.”